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29 Oct 2020

28 Sep 2020

Results of the First 3,500 Participants of the CUHK Jockey Club Multi-Cancer Prevention Programme Demonstrate that “One-stop Multi-Cancer Screening” is Effective

24 Sep 2020

CU Medicine Studies Reveal Diabetes Death and Complication Rates Declining - but Not in the Young

15 Sep 2020

CUHK Successfully Performed World’s First Colorectal Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection Using Flexible Endoscopic Robotic System

07 Sep 2020

CU Medicine Found SARS-CoV2 in Infants' Stool A Coronavirus Testing Centre Is Established for Paediatric Population to Identify Silent Carriers (1)
28 Aug 2020

Most Deaths from COVID-19 in Hong Kong are of 60 Years Old or Above CUHK Initiated International Effort in Devising Strategies to Protect Older People with Dementia amid COVID-19 Pandemic