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14 Jan 2020

CUHK-Jockey Club Pain Relief Project for the Seniors Preliminary Data Shows 90% of Interviewed Elderly Have at Least Two Pain Sites

09 Jan 2020

CUHK Study Sees the Exposure to Farm Environment Is Beneficial for Children to Prevent Asthma

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17 Dec 2019

Chinese Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome have 4-fold Higher Risk of Developing Diabetes

10 Dec 2019

Multicomponent Frailty Prevention Programme Reduces Frailty Over 80% of Pre-frail Elderly Reverse to Robust Phenotype

22 Oct 2019

CUHK Validates the Enhanced UK Fetal Medicine Foundation’s Triple Test Can Double the Detection Rate of Preterm Preeclampsia in Asian Pregnant Women

17 Sep 2019

CUHK Pioneers Whole Genome Sequencing for Prenatal Diagnosis in Hong Kong